8 Engaging Discussion Topics For An Evening With A Cricket Speaker

Leading after dinner cricket speakers can bring anticipation to your events. Here, we have compiled a list of the most exciting topics that the biggest names can cover.

Cricket speakers can make for fantastic event hosts. They can delve into the skills and traits that helped them take their place among the best sports stars on the planet and offer up transferable skills relevant to all areas of sport and business. Though cricket is the game they love and have trained hard to be the best in, their stardom has made them great speakers and often entertainers over a broad range of topics. Here are the top picks of topics we have found:


andrew strauss

Leadership is about taking responsibility and making decisions in the best interests of a team. Captains and coaches have taken this role in cricket and have been accountable for the success and failure of those key choices. Having the right leadership skills separates the best from the rest. Being personable, strong-willed and fiercely competitive are all traits of the strongest leaders.

Making impressive leadership speakers for business and sport, leading cricket captains such as Sir Ian Botham and Andrew Strauss OBE have both won The Ashes as England captains and know how to take a team to the top.



One of the most essential facets of the game, teamwork in cricket is the difference between an average team and a great one. Top cricket after dinner speakers will discuss how their selfless efforts to put the team above themselves was rewarded with trophies and adulation. While individuals can make a difference to an over or innings, it is the team that sees a match over the line. It is eleven players that have to motivate each other and win or lose together.



Cricket is a game packed with strategies that can make a monumental impact to the outcome of games. Paying attention to the small details can see a player go further and a team go further still. Adapting their game to the most up-to-date advancements in the game has seen players reach the top level. Speaking on their versatility in chopping and changing their tactics in pursuit of wins is one of the most entertaining aspects of a cricket motivational speaker’s vast repertoire of discussion topics.

Drive & Determination

Virat Kohli

Something that is common place in the best teams in the world, drive and determination make individuals go further in chasing their lofty ambitions. The great sports stars in the world are the most hard-working and resilient. It is their efforts to put their bodies on the line and their social lives in the background that make them legends of the game. Inspirational speakers from the cricketing sphere will talk of their sacrifices, overcoming challenges and adversity.

All were a fixture of their road to greatness. The richest cricketer in the world and one of finest players of today, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, summed up the commitment required to get to the top when he said:

"It was a personal decision for me to stand and say that cricket is all I have in life, there’s nothing I need to do other than cricket. If I want to achieve whatever I thought as a kid, I need to work hard and not let it go to waste."

Kohli also famously said:

"I delayed my father’s funeral because of cricket".

Peak Performance

Peak Performance

To perform at their absolute best, professionals require a mental toughness that the best cricketers have. To be great competitors, these stars needed to have absolute dedication and belief in what they were doing. From there, they made the sacrifices to get there, looking after their health and wellbeing and pushing their performances to the edge. Reaching the top means working each day with the same focus, and it means putting your body on the line.

Peak performance is a commitment to brilliance as a sports person or working professional. An elite cricketer knows what it takes to play at the top-level and can inspire your team to work at their peak.

Dealing With Pressure

Dealing With Pressure

Pressure can drive people forward or push them backwards at a rate of knots. Controlling fear and expectation is something that takes a strong mind. Delivering in a pressurized environment requires absolute focus on the task at hand and an underlying confidence in one’s ability.

With leading sports speakers, you can find out how the world’s biggest cricketers felt ahead of those big test matches and during times when it was going against them. How did they bounce back? How did they deal with the overriding pressure of an occasion? It is a fascinating topic that can really light up corporate events.

Sporting Success

Sporting Success

Great motivational speakers in cricket will explain the ins and outs of sporting success, how they made it and the fine lines between success and failure. They will discuss what makes the difference between good and great and how the biggest names in cricket wrapped up medals and helped earn accolades for their team.

Maximising Success

Cricket Success

The most renowned athletes have a hunger for success like few others. After winning one trophy, how do they motivate themselves to win another, and another? And after failure, how do they pick themselves up? Cricket stars can speak on what it takes to win, and what it takes to be a serial winner. This is one of the most engaging topics that a cricketing event host discusses and can really hit your guests for six.

Booking A Cricket After Dinner Speaker

Andrew Flintoff

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